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Cell Biology

Cell Biology Items : • CELL BIOLOGYactive transportapoptosiscell membranescentriolesciliacommunicationconcentration gradientscytoplasmcytoskeletondeath of cellsenergy transducersendoplasmic reticulumendosomeseukaryoticexosomeGolgi apparatusion channelslysosomemeiosismicrotubulesmitosismitochondrionnuclear membranenuclear porenucleolusnucleusperoxisomephagocytosisphotosynthesisphysiological functionpinocytosisplant cellprokaryoticprotein degradationpumpsreceptor proteinsreceptor-mediated endocytosisreproductionribosomesspindlestructuretransportvacuolevesicleCELL SIGNALINGGPCRsGPCR familieshormonesNitric Oxideneurotransmissionneuronal interconnectionsphosphotransfer-mediated signaling pathwaysProtein Kinase Signaling Networkssignaling gradientsMOLECULAR BIOLOGYamino acidscaspasesproteins

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Blogger David said...

Your site is really informative and a great service to the educational community. It is heartwarming to have all the great attention to and commentary around XVIVO's work (especially as regards those da*n*d DIers). Thanks for including my TED talk. Please, in the future research a wee bit more to get folks' names correct.
With regard,
DAVID "not Ted" Bolinsky
Partner | Medical Director
XVIVO Scientific Animation

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mistake, David. I made it a long time ago, so I have no idea how I made it.

That was a great video - even if it has become unavailable because of copyright dispute by Harvard.

(I did not post all three of your comments - because I visit this site rarely, I have comments on the moderated setting in order to avoid the inevitable spam.)

7:32 PM  

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